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SIGraDi 2012

Fortaleza, Brasil

Nombre del artículo:
“Fabricando mundos; realidad, simulacro e inmanencia”.

Arq. Fernando García Amen; Arq. Marcelo Payssé Alvarez; Arq. Paulo Pereyra; Bach. Lucía Meirelles

Digital manufacturing in both as art and technology is a new way of designing, re-creation and re-invention of reality. This paper considers, from an epistemological point of view, the process of digital fabrication and its hyperlinks to known and simulated reality, and its ontological nature. Through documentation and methodological approach to the construction of a Moebius strip, this paper analyzes the nature and specifications of digital manufacturing. For this purpose, it makes a study of some strip properties and establishes a correlation within digital manufacturing, emphasizing similarities, complexities and shared qualities. Thus, it aims to create a reflection and a critical perspective on the complex logic of creation and simulation of knowable reality. And also it contributes to explore a theoretical corpus on the role of architects and designers in this incipient and ongoing discipline.

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Fabricando mundos; realidad, simulacro e inmanencia.